Active Living

Being active increases energy and happiness and can prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer, which are the top two leading causes of death in Spokane County.

One small step

Beyond controlling weight, physical activity helps boost your sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. Being active also allows you to set a good example for kids and other loved ones in your life.


Sometimes getting more active can be hard. Start by taking just one small, active step, like following along with these videos.

Money - Expense

Staying active doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can be free! Here are a few simple activities you can do every day – and they won’t cost you a penny.


  • Dance while brushing your teeth.
  • Water bottles or soup cans make great substitutes for lighting weights.
  • Go back to the basics with sit-ups, push-ups or wall sits.
  • Commit to doing 5 sit-ups or push-ups for every hour of TV you watch
  • Load a laundry basket with clothes at make it into a weight lifting activity.
  • Talk to your property manager or landlord about how to pool resources and/or organize activities for your housing community.
  • Walk or ride your bike to work
  • Take the stairs. With permission, run or walk up and down stairwells in public buildings.
  • Borrow a fitness VHS tape or DVD from a friend or family member. Ask them if they want to do it with you.
  • Tune in and participate with “Sit and Be Fit” on KSPS. Check your TV guide for show times.
  • Walk with a friend


  • Walk to the grocery store (if you are able) or park your car at the back of the lot.
  • Walk the dog and do it for five minutes longer, or better yet, take them out an extra time per day.
  • Utilize the soccer field, basketball or tennis courts in a local park. There’s likely others looking for a quick pick-up game.
  • Borrow a bike and helmetfrom a friend and treat yourself to the same fun you had as a child.
  • Use our Spokane County Walking Maps to find new trails to walk with friends and family.
  • Help out with some hands-on community service projects, like building homes with Rebuilding Together.


Not everyone can devote an hour to the gym each day, or even a few days a week. If that’s you, consider some of these quick activities from that take just 10 minutes to complete. Be sure to get enough water too! Check out our news article here.

Social - Safety - Ability

Joining a group can be a great way to stay social and motivated in your journey to get more active. Starting a “be fit group” or a “fitness challenge” with friends in your local community not only helps you, but gets everyone involved too! Or identify a “fitness buddy” to keep each other on track to your healthier goals. Positive encouragement and motivation from a friend or loved one is a great way to stay on track!

Organized sports are also always a good way to get active. Start a game of pick-up or street ball or take a soccer ball out into an open area near your home with a group of friends. Chances are there are others like you looking for a chance to get outside and get active.

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