You Deserve Health

Regardless of your income, you deserve to be healthier. Living healthier means feeling better and staying around longer with loved ones. Improved health can be as easy as taking one small step, one day at a time. We can help. let's get started!

Ways to Achieve Your Healthier Life

The My Healthy Life campaign is designed to support those in Spokane who are eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as food stamps, in reaching their individual goals to get healthier. We know the barriers you face when it comes to eating more fruits and veggies, getting more physical activity and drinking lower-fat milk and we have the simple tips and tricks you need to overcome those obstacles.


Fresh Bucks will match your SNAP/EBT purchases with additional coupons to buy fresh produce at participating Spokane County Farmers' Markets.

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Complete Eats

If you or your family uses SNAP/EBT, you can earn extra savings when you buy qualifying fruits and vegetables at any Safeway store in Washington.

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What gets in your way of making a change and staying with it? Discover ways to overcome your barriers!

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Doug and Diane try to eat unprocessed foods and walk together daily. “We feed off each other to achieve the goal of health.”
" I'm not going to keep on being the same Larry I always was." Larry blends the fruits and vegetables he gets from the food bank.
Kathleen is trying to exercise 3 days a week, add more vegetables into her diet using EBT at the farmers’ market and grow her own vegetables.
Alejandra says she is open to learning more about how to prepare fruits and vegetables to benefit her family.

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Food Labels Confusing You?


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